Rules for the Chippenham Squash Boxes – 2023

Our leagues use slightly different scoring to normal squash rules as all games to use PAR scoring to 15 points (rather than 11), unless at 14 – 14 in which case the winner will win the game by 2 clear points eg 17-15 or 23-25 etc.

All other rules are in accordance with the rules of world squash. Click here for the full rules.

All matches to be played to the best of 5 games and points awarded according to the table below.

Games Won










If a match can not be finished during a session points are awarded according to the score in games at the end of the session (eg. 2 games all results in both players being awarded 3 points each).

In case of an injury part way through the game, the injured player forfeits the match overall, but keeps the points for the games they have won.

In case of complete withdrawal part way through the month due to injury, any results claimed against the injured player will not be counted in the final tally, unless the injury happened within the final week of the month. Please write ‘injured’ and the date of the withdrawal next to your name on the score table.

All scores to be written up on the boxes at the end of a game.

Failure of an opponent to turn up for an arranged match will result in the full 5 points being awarded to the attending player and zero to the non-attendee. Please write W/O in the score box next to the zero to claim a walk-over.

If a player cancels a game within 48 hours of an arranged match, they forfeit the game (5 – 0) unless another game can be arranged by the cancelling player.

If a player fails to accept an invitation to play after 3 reasonable court times have been offered, they forfeit the game and the 5 points are taken by the invitee. Please write W/O in the score box next to the zero to claim a walk-over.

The two players with the lowest scores at the end of the month will drop to the box below; the two players with the highest scores will be promoted to the box above. In the case of drawn points, a decision will be made based on the result of the match between those two players.

A player who does not play any games may find they drop more than one box at the end of the month.

The decision of the league organiser is final.

Andy Frances 06/11/23